Educational Seminars April 4, 2024

Make Sure your Golden Years are Truely Golden

Happy RetirementPlanning to make sure your Golden Years are Truely Golden
Please join us in what we hope to be the first of many educational seminars.   In our careers, we have come across sad stories of people finally reaching retirement and finding out that they weren’t really prepared.  In many cases the stories could have had a much happier ending.
What will be discussed:  
  • The Importance of Estate Planning and Wills
  • Should you put your Home in a Trust?
  • Capital Gains Tax on your Primary Residence when a spouse passes.
  • Making the most of the Equity in your Home
  • Making the decision to age-in-place, move close to family or senior living.
Who should attend:
  • Anyone who wants to be sure that they have planned as best as possible for retirement.
  • Widows or Widowers who may feel that they are not as financially savvy without their spouse.
  • Anyone who is concerned about their parents’ status (financial or current living situation)
Who will be speaking:
Where and when:
Niceville Chamber of Commerce  May 2 at 10:30 am
Refreshments will be provided.
Please RVSP as space is limited.  RSVP:  Cindy Zimmermann  850-974-0869 or Cindy.zimmermann@cbrealty.com
Why are we doing this:
As I mentioned at the beginning, I have personally come across many situations where someone contacted me to sell their home and I felt that they would have greatly benefited from the information we are going to present. When you reach retirement, I hope that it is a time for you to enjoy.  I also hope that you are prepared the best that you can be for those unexpected situations.  Let’s Make Sure your Golden Years are Truely Golden!