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Favorite shops, restaurants, beaches, parks and things to do.

Favorite Local Places Happyland Preschool in Niceville Happyland Preschool in Niceville.   Who wouldn’t want to go to a place called Happyland in Niceville!  Niceville is home to a lot of great preschools.  I happen to be part of the history of Happyland and would love to share it with you.  In the 1960’s, Mrs. Lofe started Happyland in her home.  She purchased […]
Favorite Local Places Local Niceville Shop in Business Since 1965! Can you guess which local Niceville shop has been in business since 1965?  If you guessed Katie’s House of Flowers, then you are correct!  Wow, that’s almost 60 years in business!  From the business name, you would probably guess that they sell flowers.  However, they do so much more than that!  They have flowers, plants, […]
Favorite Local Places Looking for the Best Brewery in Niceville? Looking for the best brewery in Niceville?  Check out Third Planet.  It is locally owned and run.  The original location was opened in 2015 by 2 local veterans.  It quickly became so popular that they relocated to a much bigger space in 2018.  They continue to expand and improve the space to host even more […]
Favorite Local Places Have you had Dinner at Tradewinds in Niceville? Have you had dinner at Tradewinds in Niceville?  I have many times and hope to have many more visits there!  According to their website, the restaurant has been around since 1996.  We moved to the area in 1999 and heard nothing but good things about it.  It is a locals’ favorite!  If you’ve never been, […]
Favorite Local Places Byrd’s Seafood Market in Niceville – A Local Favorite Byrd’s Seafood Market in Niceville is a local and personal favorite!  You will find me there several times a week.  Byrd’s is owned and run by a local family.  Bubba and Jennifer Byrd, along with their sons, Lance and Dillon, work 6 days a week to bring fresh seafood to the area.  You will find […]
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