Favorite Local Places April 18, 2024

Happyland Preschool in Niceville

Happyland Preschool in Niceville Original Location

1018 White Point Rd

Happyland Preschool in Niceville.   Who wouldn’t want to go to a place called Happyland in Niceville!  Niceville is home to a lot of great preschools.  I happen to be part of the history of Happyland and would love to share it with you.  In the 1960’s, Mrs. Lofe started Happyland in her home.  She purchased land located at 1018 White Point Rd in 1983.  She built the building that currently sits there now.  In 1989, she sold the school to Lona Proctor.

My last Graduation ceremony

My Last Graduation Ceremony

My family moved to Niceville in 1999.  Soon after I started asking around about preschool recommendations.  Happyland was one of those recommendations.  I remember meeting Mrs. Proctor at the school.  I loved the intimate family feel of the school.  Our 2 youngest boys attended.  In 2003, I heard a rumor that Mrs. Proctor was ready to retire and was selling the school.  The word was that the only person who had offered to purchase it was a Vet, and he was going to turn it into a veterinarian clinic.  I felt like I could not let that happen.  My husband was deployed at the time, and I sent him an email suggesting that I purchase it.  He completely supported my decision.  So, I did in fact purchase and run the school starting in 2003.

I truly enjoyed running the school.  There were parents who had attended Happyland as a child and now had their children attending.  Happyland is a place where the children made friends while being prepared for kindergarten.  The goal was to learn through play and teach them that school is a great place.

Happyland Preschool 2nd location

207 Government Ave – 2nd location

Happyland Preschool Classroom


In 2019 as my youngest child was getting ready to head off to college, I decided it was time to pass on the school to the next owner.  I was ecstatic to sell the school to a wonderful mother and daughter.  Wendy Goddard and Laura Bates were the perfect people to take over Happyland.  They aptly named their LLC – Fourth Investors as they are the 4th owners.  They took something great and made it even better.  They also added a much needed second location!

If you are looking for a preschool, I think you would be remiss to not consider Happyland Preschool in Niceville.  Happyland in Niceville, it just doesn’t get any better than that!