Uncategorized Staging to Sell vs. Decorating: Understanding the Difference Staging to Sell vs. Decorating: Understanding the Difference.  I want you to think about a time you saw someone wearing an eye-catching outfit.  You thought it looked fabulous on them but couldn’t image yourself wearing it.  That is, in some sense, the difference. When preparing your home for sale, there’s often a debate between staging […]
Uncategorized What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? In the current market – high home prices, high interest rates and high inflation – you need to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on items that will not […]
Uncategorized Can you Believe the Zillow Estimate? Zillow publishes an estimated value for homes.  Can you believe the Zillow estimate?  I say no.  Let me tell you why. What Zillow Does Do Zillow’s estimate is based on an algorithm.  It compares your home to similar homes in the area.  Zillow looks at items such as square footage, number of bedrooms, and number […]
Uncategorized Waterfront Home Poker Run A few other agents and I are hosting a Waterfront Home Poker Run on January 27.  The homes will be open from Noon to 3 for you to come view.  At each home you collect a card for your poker hand.  You must visit all 5 homes to be eligible to win (each home will […]
Uncategorized Update to 2024 Housing Predictions Update to 2024 Housing Predictions.  If you read my blog 2 weeks ago, “Housing Predictions for 2024“, then you know I promised to update after the opportunity to hear Barry Habib speak.  Following are the key takeaways. Interest Rates:  There is a reasonable chance of a rate decrease at the March 20th Fed meeting.  High […]
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