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What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell?

What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? In the current market – high home prices, high interest rates and high inflation – you need to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on items that will not give a good return on your investment.

Low-Cost Improvements

Let’s first talk about the low-cost improvements. While you may not think of this as an improvement, cleaning and decluttering are of high importance. You want your home to look as large as possible. You also want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home. This is hard to do when the counters and closet are filled with your personal items.

New interior paint:

You may have painted your home in colors that appear to you. Even if your home is currently painted in neutral colors, it may have seen some wear and tear over the years. Take a good look at the high traffic rooms. Also inspect your door frames and baseboards. A fresh coat of paint on your white trim will really make your home feel fresh. Not sure what color to paint – consult your realtor.


New lighting fixtures in the kitchen, baths and main living space can give your whole home an updated feel. Replacing your bulbs with LED “daylight” bulbs not only makes for great photos and showings, but it also allows you to advertise the low-cost lighting.


Mirrors are growing in popularity. Trending mirrors in the entry and other rooms can bring in more light and make rooms appear larger. A good realtor can help you on where to place them.


New lighting and mirrors can really give these areas a fresh face. Fresh chaulk in the shower and tubs can also keep them from feeling old. You can consider painting your tile to update it. Spa tubs are no longer a highly desired item.


If your flooring is old and you can’t afford to update it, then give it a really good cleaning. If you have wood flooring, cover scratches and give it a good polish.

Exterior Updates:

The exterior is the first thing buyers see. Paint your front door. At the moment, black doors are very popular. Pressure wash your driveway, sidewalk and home. This will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Trim back any overgrown shrubs and put down a fresh layer of mulch.

Willing to Invest a Little More – These are statics from 2024 Cost vs. Value Report

Garage Door Replacement – you may recoup 193.9% of what you spend

Entry Door Replacement (Steel) – 188.1% return

Siding Replacement (vinyl) – about a 80.2% return

Siding Replacement (cement fiber board) – 88.4% return

Minor kitchen remodel – 96.1% return – The nontangible is that a lot of buyers will not even consider a home with a dated kitchen.  There are great local companies who can help you give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.

Window Replacement (vinyl) – 67.1% return. However, in Florida this can have great appeal because it can significantly lower homeowner’s insurance cost.

Wood Deck Addition – 82.9%

Bath remodel – 45.1% return. Again, this is very appealing to a lot of buyers.

Roof Replacement (Asphalt Shingles) – 56.9% return. Even more important than window replacement, this has become a very important issue for home buyers in Florida. It may be required for a new owner in order for them to get insurance.

Concerned about how you pay for all these updates – contact me and let me tell you about a program exclusive to Coldwell Banker. Updates can be made and not paid for until your home is sold. No hidden fees or upcharges. Ask me about Realvitilize.

What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? It depends on what your home needs. I would be happy to give you a no obligation recommendation for your home.