Real Estate Tips May 3, 2023

Staging – What is it and Why do it?

Staging is often thought of as placing furniture and decor in a vacant home.  Staging is more than that.  Staging is using a homeowner’s belongings to maximize the home’s space and appeal to sell for the most $ and in the shortest amount of time.  Data shows that staged homes in the Okaloosa/Walton area sell on average 5-11 faster than non-staged homes.  Logically it follows then they sell for 5-20% higher (since more days on market = lower selling price, a discussion for another day).

90% of buyers look at homes for sale online prior to deciding whether to view them in person.  Staged homes in conjunction with professional photos results in better images online.

Staging allows buyers to image themselves living in your home.  Buyers, home inspectors and property appraisers generally view staged homes as well cared for.

Is staging expensive – not when you work with me.  Contact me to find out more.