Uncategorized How can you Update your Home to Get Top Dollar without any Upfront Cost? If you are thinking about selling your home, you have probably started looking at homes that are already for sale.  If you have, then you probably noticed that the updated homes are selling much quicker and for a better price.  You realize it makes a lot of sense to update your home before selling, but […]
Real Estate Tips What do Real Estate Agents Do? What do real estate agents do? Everyone knows the answer to that question, right?  They take a few photos with their cell phone, write a few sentences describing your home and put a sign in your yard.  Then they charge you 6% or more.  You could do that yourself and put your home for sale […]
Uncategorized What’s Happening with Home Prices? What’s happening with home prices?  Depending on who you ask, some people may tell you that home prices are coming down as they notice price reductions happening more frequently.  Others may tell you that they continue to go up.  They would both be partially correct.  While we are seeing more price reductions than the previous […]
Educational Seminars Downsizing – What’s the Big Deal? There are lots of reasons people consider downsizing.  Lots of people hesitate to do so.  What’s be big deal about downsizing? What keeps people from doing it when they know it makes sense?  I have assisted a lot of people with this, and I will say that one of the biggest reasons is it feels […]
Real Estate Tips This Waterfront Home is a Deal This waterfront home is a Deal!  It’s located in Niceville and is ready for a new owner.  The current owners have put a lot of time and money into this home. Their goal was to make this home all about relaxation and enjoyment with as little needed maintenance as possible.  It was going to be […]
Uncategorized Staging to Sell vs. Decorating: Understanding the Difference Staging to Sell vs. Decorating: Understanding the Difference.  I want you to think about a time you saw someone wearing an eye-catching outfit.  You thought it looked fabulous on them but couldn’t image yourself wearing it.  That is, in some sense, the difference. When preparing your home for sale, there’s often a debate between staging […]
Uncategorized What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? What are the best improvements to make to your house before you sell? In the current market – high home prices, high interest rates and high inflation – you need to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on items that will not […]
Favorite Local Places Happyland Preschool in Niceville Happyland Preschool in Niceville.   Who wouldn’t want to go to a place called Happyland in Niceville!  Niceville is home to a lot of great preschools.  I happen to be part of the history of Happyland and would love to share it with you.  In the 1960’s, Mrs. Lofe started Happyland in her home.  She purchased […]
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Real Estate Market Status Niceville Real Estate Update for 1st Qtr. 2024 Wow, the first quarter of 2024 is already past.  Time for a Niceville Real Estate Update for 1st Qtr. 2024.  Let me start off by saying that if you are holding your breath waiting for interest rates to drop, you may want to stop before you pass out!  It doesn’t look like rate cuts are […]
Educational Seminars Make Sure your Golden Years are Truely Golden Planning to make sure your Golden Years are Truely Golden Please join us in what we hope to be the first of many educational seminars.   In our careers, we have come across sad stories of people finally reaching retirement and finding out that they weren’t really prepared.  In many cases the stories could have had […]
Uncategorized Can you Believe the Zillow Estimate? Zillow publishes an estimated value for homes.  Can you believe the Zillow estimate?  I say no.  Let me tell you why. What Zillow Does Do Zillow’s estimate is based on an algorithm.  It compares your home to similar homes in the area.  Zillow looks at items such as square footage, number of bedrooms, and number […]
Real Estate Market Status What’s Coming to Niceville? What coming to Niceville? – Let’s look at the Future.  Recently in the Facebook group “Niceville Word of Mouth”, I posed the question, “If you could change one thing about Niceville, what would it be?”  Over 300 people responded.  Many asked for a downtown, more sit-down restaurants, more places for people to gather, more affordable […]
Favorite Local Places Local Niceville Shop in Business Since 1965! Can you guess which local Niceville shop has been in business since 1965?  If you guessed Katie’s House of Flowers, then you are correct!  Wow, that’s almost 60 years in business!  From the business name, you would probably guess that they sell flowers.  However, they do so much more than that!  They have flowers, plants, […]
Real Estate Tips Assuming a Low Interest Rate Mortgage Sounds Good – Is it? Assuming a Low Interest Rate Mortgage Sounds Good – Is it?  My mom always said, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  If it works for all parties involved it can be great.  A lot of homeowners were able to secure interests rates below 3% on their home loan.  I know […]
Real Estate Tips Tax Benefits of Owning a Home What are the tax benefits of owning a home? Homeownership comes with many financial advantages and perks.  These advantages include the ability to build home equity, leverage your borrowing power, and numerous tax benefits.  Let’s talk about the tax benefits. Deductions:  There are a few deductions you can claim on your tax.  In order to […]
Uncategorized Waterfront Home Poker Run A few other agents and I are hosting a Waterfront Home Poker Run on January 27.  The homes will be open from Noon to 3 for you to come view.  At each home you collect a card for your poker hand.  You must visit all 5 homes to be eligible to win (each home will […]
Uncategorized Update to 2024 Housing Predictions Update to 2024 Housing Predictions.  If you read my blog 2 weeks ago, “Housing Predictions for 2024“, then you know I promised to update after the opportunity to hear Barry Habib speak.  Following are the key takeaways. Interest Rates:  There is a reasonable chance of a rate decrease at the March 20th Fed meeting.  High […]
Real Estate Market Status Housing Predictions for 2024 2023 has come to an end, so let’s look at housing predictions for 2024.  While I don’t have a crystal ball, I do have my nerdy girl habit of reading articles on the economy and regularly pulling local market statistics.  However, next week I will have the opportunity of attending a talk by someone who […]
Real Estate Market Status Free Boat with Home Purchase Free boat with home purchase!  It’s not often that you hear that.  However, it is a real possibility.  I am representing a homeowner who would like to sell their waterfront home and their boat.  The house is located at 1716 19th Street in Niceville.  The boat is a 30 ft 2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer.  […]
Real Estate Tips Are Mortgage Rates too High? Are mortgages rates too high?  Apparently, a lot of buyers think so.  As a result, many are sitting the sidelines waiting for them to drop.  Let’s first look at some quick mortgage rate history. Mortgage Rate History Freddie Mac provides mortgage rate history going back to 1971 when rates averaged 7.5%.  In the 1980’s the […]